Monday, December 23, 2013

Mixed Media: Don't Get Exhausted, I'll Do Some Driving.

Just finished last week, Don't Get Exhausted, I'll Do Some Driving. The dimensions are 53x53.
This was a big step to get the right balance of paint and paper. I feel like its a great start. Now to the next one. Happy to finish the year strong.

4 Collages: Just Making Every Light, Speed Dragon, Top Down, and This Road Trip is Over.

This set of collages were completed this summer. They represent a transition in the approach to the work I make. The paper is cut into wider strips and applied in the same way as the collages made in the last 5 years. My objective in these pieces was to break away from the smaller strips of paper but still capture the same sense of movement as the work that proceeds this group. It is always challenging to work your way out of your comfort zone but it is sometimes the only way to break free of the old and find something fresh. The reason for the transition is to have the paper have more presence and not be obscured by the little strips that cover the larger blocks of billboard paper.
This is a baby step towards my goal to integrate paint and the paper. 

Making Every Light, 30x60.
Speed Demon, 31x44.
Top Down, 30x40.
This Road Trip is Over, 30x60.