Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Collage: Over Head Compression

Over Head Compression is another one of those fun collages that I've been working on. Using more block geometric forms that have an architectural resonance with an overlay of movement. I really like this piece because of the simplicity of its composition coupled with the dynamic stratification of the paper.

Collage: Swerve

Swerve is 36x60. It is longer in format that the last two Torque and Distracted Driving. The horizontal format is a nice change from the last two square pieces and somewhat easier for me work with. I am having fun with these new collages the feeling of openness is a nice departure from the intense multipanel pieces. That is the feeling I was seeking in the new work. I will get back to the multipanel pieces next year. For now the work will be smaller and will continue to explore letting the paper have a greater presence.

Collage: Distracted Driver

Distracted Driver and Torque are 60x60. Distracted Driver is a less intense image. That is the intention with this piece. I am working hard to let the paper speak. I feel like the billboard paper is so beautiful that it should get a little more face time.

Collage: Torque

Torque is the first of a new set of more square and rectangular shaped panels. In these new panels I am working to separate the visual information from the multipanel collages. My feeling is that the multipanel collages have there own dialogue for the viewer. The sense of fragmented movement is there intent. Here in Torque and the following posts the images are more explosive in composition.

Layered Multipanel Collage: Interchange Straight Trippin

This collage is 8ft x 5ft. It consists of 20 panels that are in relief. There are four different levels that stand off the wall. Interchange Straight Trippin was challenging to build but the piece turned out the way I had envisioned. The colors were a departure from the other multipanel pieces. The intention was to have a presentation that felt like blurred movment during bright sunshine. The different panels presented in relief helps create enought shadow to have it read well on a white wall.

Multipanel Collage: Keep Your Hands On The Wheel

This collage was created earlier this year its 111/2 feet long and 5 feet high.
I have not posted new work for most of this year so I am catching up. This is the largest multipanel collage I have made to date. It is now in Fresh Paint Gallery in Culver City.