Tuesday, October 4, 2011

New Large Paper Collage: "Sideswipe" and "Signs Look Like Picket Fences"

These two new collages are 48h x 60w. I decided to take a break from the large pieces with thousands of small pieces of billboard paper and try some new work with larger pieces of paper. Both of these collages were treated like a close up of the larger work with small paper. I was interested in trying to let the beauty of the paper speak for itself.
They feel good and I will be doing more between the more intense larger multipanel work. (Sideswipe is the first image)

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Crushed Autobody Parts Assembled: "Bumper to Bumper"

Welded crushed auto parts and paper make up Bumper to Bumper. The piece is 36h x 105w. Gluing the paper on irregular surfaces that are metal was a little challenging. The use of paper is different than the a panel collage because I felt there was a need to still have the metal have a presence. The color of the metal was a guide for the color choices of the paper. It was fun to have a new set of forms that were a little less rigid in their geometry.

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Multi Panel Elongated: "Accelerant"

A departure from the format I have been using for the multi panel pieces. These panels are much longer a less tall. This presented a new set of issues to resolve. There had to be a balance between the background imagery and the color streaks. I wanted to make sure the streaks did not overwhelm the background. "Accelerant" has a real feeling of slices of movement and that's what I hoped for.

Paper And Paint: "Blew By You", " Red Means Go...Faster", and "Freakin' Kwik".

After a hand full of multi panel pieces and all their seemingly millions of small pieces of paper. It was time to take a break and get out some paint. These three pieces were fun and fast compared to the paper. The challenge was to have the paper still have resonance against the flatness of the paint. The compositions were driven by forms that collide as if you were seeing the physical edit between to different frames of movement. Sort of a collision. These collage/paintings are on exhibit a Gebert Gallery,Venice. In order "Blew By You", "Red Means Go...Faster",and "Freakin' Kwik".

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Multi Panel Collage, First of 2011: I Am Going To Drop You Off Right Here"

This is the first piece completed this year. Its 42h x 96w. "I Am Going To Drop You Off Right Here" was displayed in Jan at the LA Art Fair in the Gebert Gallery booth. It is on display at the Gebert gallery in Venice.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Multi Panel Collage: "What Speed Limit"

This collage is 30h x 76w. This piece is an explosion of red color blurs and a more panels than any previous multi's. "What Speed Limit" was in the group show at Gebert Gallery in Venice Ca. this Dec and Jan.
If you look closely you might see an image of an eye in the piece, it is a happy accident. It is the combination of two seperate visuals.

New Multi Panel Collage: Speed Bumps At High Speed

Its been at least six months since I posted anything. So it's time for me to catch up.
This collage is 27h x 63w. Its a small piece but it has a great amount of visual information in the background. Speed Bumps At High Speed was alot fun to create. The process of adding as much visual information into the background, type and images was very entertaining. It worked out well because the foreground information does not obscure the fun stuff. The best part of the process for me is to cull the visuals and type fragments from all the billboard paper I have amassed and combine them into nonsequiturs.