Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Multi Panel Elongated: "Accelerant"

A departure from the format I have been using for the multi panel pieces. These panels are much longer a less tall. This presented a new set of issues to resolve. There had to be a balance between the background imagery and the color streaks. I wanted to make sure the streaks did not overwhelm the background. "Accelerant" has a real feeling of slices of movement and that's what I hoped for.

Paper And Paint: "Blew By You", " Red Means Go...Faster", and "Freakin' Kwik".

After a hand full of multi panel pieces and all their seemingly millions of small pieces of paper. It was time to take a break and get out some paint. These three pieces were fun and fast compared to the paper. The challenge was to have the paper still have resonance against the flatness of the paint. The compositions were driven by forms that collide as if you were seeing the physical edit between to different frames of movement. Sort of a collision. These collage/paintings are on exhibit a Gebert Gallery,Venice. In order "Blew By You", "Red Means Go...Faster",and "Freakin' Kwik".